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Scrambling through Mala Paklenica

  12. 09. 2011.     comments: 0

Mala Paklenica – now that's a different story! It's probably the most beautiful hiking route I've taken so far. The surroundings are surreal, such wilderness everywhere around you, birds of prey above you... And a true adventure before you. This is not an easy walk to make things clear. There is scrambling and squeezing through long boulder fields that demand some technical skills while the steep ground and the overall length and height of the entire route test your heart and lungs better than your biannual physical exam. But rest assure the rewards are well worth it!

Here is a photo gallery of a trip through Mala Paklenica, over the peak of Veliki Vrh (1110 m), descending through Velika Paklenica. We hope to get you interested and fit for it when you come and visit us.

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