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Južni Velebit, Velika Paklenica

  15. 09. 2016.     comments: 0

Kirsten has already climbed a whole lot of obvious first-choice routes in Paklenica. Picking the next one has proven to be a challenge. :) We agreed to switch leads this time so we wanted somewhat lower grades and no runouts. Josipa Debeljaka it is! The second route was also a typical choice, Cile, although it was already in the sun – not quite so pleasant at this time of year.

Južni Velebit, Velika Paklenica

  27. 09. 2015.     comments: 0

U nedjelju smo se prebacili na AOŽ školu. Svak sa svojim tečajcima, a meni je čast pripala voditi ekipu u Sjeverni greben. Jaka bura nija nam dozvolila puno više od toga. Tek po povratku oslobodio se još Cile pa smo popeli još i taj smjerčić za kraj.

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